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Hotel Valle degli Ulivi

The town of Motta Santa Anastasia, an ancient medieval village, is situated on the southern slope of mount Etna at 275 mt's.l.m. and it is about 13 km from Catania.By the will of Count Ruggero d'altavilla, between 1070 and 1074 of the tower was built nornamma DONJON with the towers of Adrano and Paterno was an important defensive chain as a point of lookout and defense.
Even the greeks and the romans had chosen this land as a strategic position and their passage; the bear witness to some of the tombs of the Greek found only in the middle of the 20th century.
From the 22nd to the 25th of August is celebrated the patron Saint Anastasia with a spectacular fireworks display and the imposing historical parade of the districts citizens.
In 1820, he was born of the need of the citizens to join in the clans, peasant and workers, thus giving life to wards the YOUNG MASTERS, the OLD MATRIX, PANZERA.
The ward YOUNG MASTERS, which were workers and craftsmen, known throughout the world thanks to his group of flag-wavers and musicians in the parade during the celebration of the Saint describes a jousting tournament reserved for the sicilian nobility in the 1400's.
The district is the OLD ARRAY, with its group of flag-wavers on the 23rd of August, proposes themes and legends of Sicily, parading through the main streets of the town in period costumes and recreating a striking reality medieval.
Ward PANZERA is represented by farmers, the wealthy, the more recent the constitution, arises from the need to participate independently in the festivities of the patron Saint of the country.
The Norman Tower of the DONJON is about 21 mt. located on the rocky complex known as NECK dating back to an eruption of approximately 550,000 years.
The Mother church the SEVENTEENTH century.
Church of SS. Sacrament of the SEVENTEENTH century.
The church of Madonna delle Grazie the SEVENTEENTH century.
The church of St. Anthony the SEVENTEENTH century.